Art of Effah


Artistic Sublime: My First Art Show

August 23rd, 2016 marked my first ever exhibition called the Sawubona Project, and will go down as one of the best moments in my life. It was my first art exhibition and I was one of 30 photographers whose work was selected and showcased at the Daniel Spectrum gallery in Toronto.  Meeting talented like-minded creatives telling visual stories of the African Diaspora, was nothing short of thrilling. But more importantly, seeing my Blend If series on display instinctively gives me great joy. 

Bare with me as I use my blog as a form of expression. To be honest, seeing an idea manifest physically on a blank canvas to be showcased for others elicit feelings I can't fully comprehend. One word that fully encompasses this feeling is the Sublime. A word that resonated with me in my Art History studies and inspires a feeling of awe, wonder, and even dread in simple terms. It was all about the experience of the individual. Recalling my experience, made me aware of myself in such a space. Surrounded by beautiful artworks, gifted people, friends, and supportive family all coming together like a cohesive machine, evokes a sense of elation I never realized until now. It made me come to a questioning self-realization of what is the next step after this? Where do I go from here with my art? What does the future hold?

To give it a simple break down, this experience brought an awareness of my strengths and limitations and also made me realize a part of myself I never knew until now. It gives a sense of ourselves in the face of awe, wonder and the slight unnerving feeling terror of the unknown future with my art. As excited and nerve racking (networking scares me a bit) this experience was, I can't help but be eager for more of this feeling of frisson...even if it's for a brief moment.