Art of Effah


One Frame at a Time

After declaring my second love for film, I had to get to work on ideas for my next film. My imagination started off on grand ideas of creating an Oscar-nominated film (my imagination is usually in a hyperbolic state), but sometimes you have to work with what you have. So, I analyzed my strengths (photography) and things love to read to formulate my an idea to work with. This is where stop motion came in mind.

Stop motion felt like an easy option to start with. Taking many shots of an object, a person, or anything and moving it in small increments to create the illusion of motion when played in a continuous sequence. To understand the process better, my friend from Wingd wrote a detailed piece on the process. The work felt like forever, capturing every single movement of the subject. But in the end, every moment was definitely worth it.

After taking about the 400th picture, I had finally reached a minute long video. I edited all 400 photos using sync mode in Abode Lightroom and Final Cut Pro to process the video. Below was the final result and I hope you enjoy it. 

Leave a comment if you have any questions :)