Art of Effah


Filmmaking: My Second Love

There comes a time in an artist's life where he/she must undergo a growing process. Either through the changes of style or the changes of time, one must learn to adapt. I know this has been a long time coming but I, for one, have come to terms to accepting my love of filmmaking. 

I never imagined appreciating filmmaking. From storyboards to editing time, filmmaking has slowly become a desire I cannot shake off. After taking a short hiatus from photography (don't worry, it's still my first love), I have been slowly learning the process that goes behind telling a story through motion. 

One of my first official videos, which was a collaboration with my girlfriend and artist Ojo Agi, displays her collection of amazing artworks and the process behind developing them. I still have a long journey ahead to form my own style. I hope to create a series of film over these upcoming months and cannot wait to share with everyone.