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The Gap Phenomenon

We have all been there and personally, I am still there. For those of us in the creative industry, it’s unavoidable to have some setbacks in our work. Looking at portfolios of professionals, their amazing pieces ripple excitement through us and we yearn so bad to reach that level of excellence. Yet to get there, we come to realize ‘THE GAP’.

   Image from  Fubiz


Image from Fubiz

Part of me wishes I knew about this gap when I first started photography. I stumbled upon this inspirational image (above) which lead me to Ira Glass. Glass' video talks about perseverance for creatives who have just started developing their skillset. Between one's great taste and limited abilities, there exists ‘THE GAP’ that separates the beginner from the experienced.

With all creative work, we initially feel the unending urge to dream up and make the best. Yet, like Glass says, the first several years are not good. This is the part where most of us give up. I for one am one of those people. I gave up for a moment. I used every excuse I could think of. Until I found Glass’ words. I started again and realized something I missed. I was improving. As minuscule as it looks, I noticed the difference. I know for sure if I keep pushing myself and producing LOADS of work, I will overcome the gap. Just focus on the work and stop doubting yourself —‘Am I doing well? Will people like it?’ If you keep focusing on the little things, you end up feeling frustrated. Everyone has been there (even the Greats) so don't give up. It will take some time but whatever you do, don’t quit. 

This video is a typographic video of Ira Glass’ talk by photographer Daniel Sax of which he was inspired to create his own. Based on Glass' video, Daniel was motivated to create his own visuals on the the subject of uncertainty artists face.